UA Local DFW + Contractors = A Winning Combination

As a labor organization, we want good jobs for our members. As a contractor, you want to win bids, make a profit, and build a reputation. We believe these goals can be achieved together.

UA Local DFW is here to provide you with more information about our services and answer any questions you may have.

Why UA Local DFW

Full Service

Your jobs call for a full range of services. We offer expertise in every area of commercial, industrial, and residential projects. From planning and new construction to service and maintenance, UA Local DFW delivers just what you need.

Highly Skilled Workers

At the UA, our greatest assets are our members. That’s why we’ve been investing in programs to train the most qualified workers in the U.S. and Canada for over a century. No other organization serves the training needs of the piping industry like UA Local DFW.

Increased Productivity

You demand high productivity. We implement a wide variety of measures every day — from innovative technology to enhanced processes — to improve productivity on the job, reduce costs, increase product quality, and ensure the job gets done on time.

Adding Value to your Business

UA Local DFW is proud to partner with our signatory contractors and their customers to define project needs, set quality standards, eliminate disruptions, and ensure safe work conditions to guarantee the best value.

Our DFW Contractor Partners

Together, the Southwest Pipe Trades Association and the Mechanical Contractors Associations of Texas are building Texas’ most impressive construction projects through the development and sponsorship of more sustainable, efficient, and safe building practices.

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